Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I treat my teak furniture?

A: Teak garden furniture does not need to be treated. It is a naturally dense hardwood and as time progresses will naturally weather to a silver/grey colour. This does not affect the structural strength of the product. Please refer to our 'Care & Usage Instructions' on the website:

Wood is a natural product and as such its cosmetic appearance will deteriorate over time. The period and severity of deterioration will vary upon the location and level of care and treatment given to the wood.
If left untreated the wood will turn a grey/silver colour and cracks can occur on the surface of the wood -this does not affect the structural integrity of the furniture. You can partially restore the original depth of colour and cracks by sanding the wood and applying a treatment.

If you choose to maintain the original appearance of the wood, you will need to apply
treatment during its first week outside. If you have purchased our own Wood Sealant or a Teak Oil then follow the instructions provided carefully. A basic guideline for treatment is below:

1. Make sure the surface of the wood is clean and free of any dust or dirt.
2. Apply the treatment evenly across the surface using a cloth. Ensure all surfaces have been reached including those not normally visible. Ensure all joints and end points have sufficient coverage.
3. Allow treatment to dry -this can take up to 10 hours depending on your location, and then apply a second coat if required particularly on top surfaces. We do not recommend the use of furniture covers as in certain circumstances it can create an artificial environment that does not allow the wood to ‘breathe’ and can cause rapid deterioration in the cosmetic appearance.
All our wood should be left in the natural humidity of the air. Out of season your wooden furniture should be stored in a dry, well aired location.

To prevent wood rot, do not use on damp ground or grass.

Hardwood note: this furniture is often boxed and sealed in conditions of high humidity, therefore we have instructed our manufacturer to apply a cursory oil based treatment so that when or if mildew occurs it can simply be wiped off. The oiling may exaggerate the woods natural colours but this will fade over time.

UK Sustainable note: for our Douglas Fir timber, we recommend the use of a water based wood stain with an acrylic hardener.

Q: Do I need to buy a cover for my Patio Furniture?

A: Simply, No! We advise that if you treat your wooden garden furniture with a good quality sealer annually then you will be able to keep the furniture outside all year round.

Q: How should I store my patio furniture?

A: Out of season your wooden garden furniture should be stored in a dry, well aired location. Patio Furniture Ltd does not recommend the use of Garden Furniture covers as in certain circumstances it can create an artificial environment that does not allow the wood to ‘breathe’ and can cause rapid deterioration in the cosmetic appearance. All our Wooden Patio Furniture should be left in the natural humidity of the air.
With our Indoor/Outdoor Furniture ranges the use of treatment is not necessary, again out of season store the furniture away safely, as this particular range is lightweight out of wind would be advised so that the garden furniture is not blown around and reduces the risk of damage.
Please refer to our Care & Usage instructions for Wooden Furniture for our advice on treatment and general maintenance.
Always remember that proper maintenance can keep your outdoor furniture looking its best!

Q: Can you assemble my patio furniture?

A: As an online retailer and expert in excellent Patio Furniture we can offer a wide variety of services. All we ask is for you to call one of the Patio Furniture Team who will be more than happy to help. Assembly of all our teak garden furniture is available, although due to the change in delivery circumstances this service would incur a small charge. This charge is small in comparison to the service you would receive. We would either assemble on delivery with our own patio Furniture Vehicles and staff or send with a delivery network who are renowned for there prompt and efficient service.
Please note that some of our garden furniture is pre-assembled i.e our ‘Curved Teak Banana Bench (FDT-B-SF)’, this information of whether the item is already assembled is available in more detail within the product information.

Q: Can teak garden benches be engraved?

A: We can now offer an in-house engraving service with our Teak range of Garden Benches. Your message engraved directly into the wood in a traditional Italic font. This is the ideal solution for a memorial bench situated in a park or golf club with a personalised message. Available with italic lettering, prices start from £4.00 per letter please ring for more details or to discuss your exact requirements and inscription. Delivery times approx 1 week.

Also available are engraved Plaques - We are able to supply brass/steel plaques complete with an engraved message in a variety of sizes and fonts. Prices start from 4” x 2” £45.00 or 6” x 2” £50.00. Please allow 1 week for plaques, but we would be able to send the furniture in advance of this. Plaques are attached with brass or stainless steel screws onto the back top panel (2” is the ideal height to fit all of our bench styles).

Please note that as all our engraving is completed using traditional hand crafted methods we are unfortunately unable to engrave on the following Teak benches:
· Curved Banana Bench in Teak (FDT-B-SF)
This is due to the requirement of a flat surface.

Q: Can I choose my own patio furniture sets?

A: Here at Patio Furniture we have a large range of Teak Tables and Chairs. Throughout the website we have allocated sets which have been discounted with a standard rate. As there are so many different options available we would be unable to offer every combination as a set. However, we can sell whatever combination you desire, if you call our patio furniture team we can quote for the set you require with our standard set discount rate.
If you require an extra Teak Chair to go with your set that you have already bought, not a problem we sell all our Teak Chairs and Teak Garden Tables as separates please check out the website for individual prices.

Q: Are your Bistro Chairs and Tables sets suitable for commercial use?

A: Throughout the years of Patio Furniture Ltd trading one of our top sellers is the Bistro range we have, which is suitable to be used in a commercial environment. The same chairs and table combinations have been available for most of this time. We have found that the smaller Bistro Sets have been popular within commercial establishments. We supply many restuarants, Cafes, Tearooms and Guest Houses. With the lightweight character of the furniture it means that the chairs can be stacked away and the tables moved to one side when at the end of the day things are packed away.

The Bistro tables and chairs have also always been popular for home use. Many people who do not have a garden but just a small courtyard or balcony have found that the size is very handy for use in these areas.

Q: I am having trouble assembling my bench, can you help.

A: Of course we can help. If you have any problems with assembly or require any advice about your purchase please just give us a call and we can advise. Everyone of the Patio Furniture Team are well informed on all of our products and will be able to offer advice. We also can offer detailed instructions in a 'pdf' format which we can email straight away, these are a step by step guide put together by ourselves, which are easy to follow.

Q: How can I clean my Teak Garden Furniture?

A: If you follow the link below it will intrduce you to our Treatment page, here you will see the product we would recommend you use on your Teak Garen / Patio Furniture when cleaning or restoring. After cleaning we would recommend the furniture be treated with a sealer and this garden furniyture sealer re-applied every 12 months, allowing the furniture to last for many years to come.

Burgess Hydrosol Garden Woodsealer - is ideal for use on a variety of exterior wooden and plywood surfaces, that are to be found around gardens and estates. it contains UV blocking pigments and can be used either as a complete treatment leaving a matt finish or as a primer to be over-coated with Clearsealer. Available in packs of 1Ltr £18.95 / 5 Litres £75.00.

The treatment is sourced from a well known Marine Chemical company and is enviromentally friendly so there is no worry that it will harm any vegetation in the garden.

Q: Can I wash the Parasol Canopy?

A: The parasol canopy which is on all our wooden garden parasols is able to be removed and wash in a washing machine. The covers are all Teflon coated which means that they should not require much washing but the option is there.
All you need to do is:
Unhook the parasol canopy from the wooden arms/struts.
One by one remove the 4 (Square), 6 (Hexagonal) or 8 (Octagonal) corners of the canopy.
Unscrew the wooden finnial, and remove the whole canopy.
Wash on a cool machine wash.
Dry naturally.
Replace onto wooden parasol frame.

Q: Can you deliver on a saturday?

A: Yes we can! All of our products can be delivered on a Saturday however there will be an additional charge based on your location and the products you require. Please see our delivery information page or contact us for a quote.

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